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Table 2 Characteristics of AAS use in the study group at the time of inclusion

From: Recruitment to doping and help-seeking behavior of eight female AAS users

Subject Age Self- Reported, AAS/clenbuterol Identified in urine analysis Last Intake (weeks) Duration of AAS use Other doping agents used Reported Narcotics Urine analysis
K1 24 Primobolan, Winstrol methenolone (1621 ng/mL) stanozolol (116 ng/mL) 3 2 years   Cannabis Cannabis
K2 27 Clenbuterol clenbuterol (42 ng/mL) 0a 8 months   None Negative
K3 29 Clenbuterol Negative 1 3.5 months ephedrine None Negative
K4 31 Winstrol, Primobolan stanozolol (56.8 ng/mL) nandrolone (17.4 ng/mL) 14 2 years Growth hormone, ephedrine None Negative
K5 20 Winstrol Negative 25 7 weeks   Cocaine Negative
K6 16 Clenbuterol Negative 12 3 years ephedrine None Negative
K7 21 Metandrostenolone, Deca-Durabol, Clenbuterol Negative 1 2 years ephedrine None Negative
K8 16 Deca-Durabol, Stanozolol, clenbuterol nandrolone (4947 ng/mL) stanozolol (84 ng/mL) 5 1 year ephedrine Cannabis Cannabis
  1. ashe used the day before visit