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Erratum: Magnesium treatment in alcoholics: a randomized clinical trial

The Original Article was published on 25 January 2008


After publication of our work [1], we noticed that the magnesium (Mg) content of the trial tablets was inadvertently given as 250 mg. The correct content was 200 mg. Thus the first sentence under the subtitle "Intervention" should read: The patients received orally for 8 weeks either a daily dose of 400 mg of Mg tablets divided in two tablets (200 mg each) or matching placebo tablets.


  1. Poikolainen K, Alho H: Magnesium treatment in alcoholics: a randomized clinical trial. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. 2008, 3: 1-10.1186/1747-597X-3-1. (25 January 2008)

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We thank Sirpa Päivinen, R.N. for patient data collection, the Töölö A-Clinic and Detoxification Unit (Finland) for recruiting the patients and providing facitilites, Pharma Nord (Denmark) for providing the trial drugs and corresponding placebos, and the Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies for financial support.

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KP had the idea. KP and HA planned and designed the study, organized and supervised the data collection and finalized the manuscript together. KP analysed data and wrote the first draft.

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