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Table 1 Focus Group Discussion Guide

From: Qualitative assessment of patients’ perspectives and needs from community pharmacists in substance use disorder management

Clarification of Terms 1) People Who Use Drugs
2) Community Pharmacist
3) Pharmacy
4) Any Others?
Introductory Question 1) What experiences have you had speaking with community pharmacists?
Transition Questions 1) Can you identify services and information that are available from a Pharmacist for people who use drugs?
2) Is a pharmacist a good person to get health information or services from?
Key Questions 1) Think back to a time that you’ve visited a pharmacy in the past and spoke with a pharmacist. Were there any specific reasons why you did or did not feel comfortable speaking to a pharmacist about your care?
2) When you visited the pharmacist, what were the most helpful services or information that a pharmacist provided you?
3) Pharmacists in some countries are able to offer needle exchange, information about HIV or HCV or dispense naloxone. What would be the most helpful services or information that a pharmacist should provide that they don’t have now?
Final Question Is there anything else that anyone feels that we should talk about but didn’t?