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Table 1 Frequency of consumption of Baijiu

From: Relationships between consumption patterns, health beliefs, and subjective wellbeing in Chinese Baijiu consumers

Frequency % (n)
Every day 4.8 (96)
Several times a week 30.8 (614)
Once a week 19.0 (378)
Several times a month 23.0 (459)
Once a month 7.2 (143)
Once every 1–3 months 8.4 (167)
Less than once every three months 6.8 (135)
  1. N =  1992 Chinese adults were surveyed online regarding their consumption of baijiu. Participants were asked to indicate on a 7-point scale how often they consumed baijiu. Choices were; less than once every 3 months, once every 1–3 months, once per month, several times each month, once per week, several times each week, and every day