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Table 3 Removed items

From: Investigating the factor structure of a translated recovery-orientation instrument in inpatient treatment for substance use disorder

Item Statement
1. Helping the patients build connections with their neighbourhoods and communities is one of the primary activities in which staff at this agency are involved
3. The patients have access to all their treatment records
4. This agency provides education to community employers about employing people with mental illness and/or addictions
6. The patients can choose and change, if desired, the therapist, psychiatrist, or other service provider with whom they work
12. This agency provides structured educational activities to the community about mental illness and addictions
13. Agency staff do not use threats, bribes, or other forms of coercion to influence the patient’s behaviour or choices
16. Staff are knowledgeable about special interest groups and activities in the community
19. This agency provides a variety of treatment options (i.e., individual, group, peer support, holistic healing, alternative treatments, medical) from which the patients may choose
20. The achievement of goals by patients and staff are formally acknowledged and celebrated by the agency
26. Agency staff are diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, lifestyle, and interests
29. Staff routinely assist patients in the pursuit of educational and/or employment goals
32. This agency provides formal opportunities for patients, family members, service providers, and administrators to learn about recovery