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Table 1 Descriptive information for recreational cannabis business profiles on Instagram and Facebook

From: Cyber-ethnography of cannabis marketing on social media

Companies Instagram followers Facebook followers Location City Setting Classification
Business A 644 286 Sitka, Alaska Rural
Business B 3467 5351 Boulder, Colorado Urban
Business C 4459 11,129 Denver, Colorado Urban
Business D 5456 2868 Denver, Colorado Urban
Business E 6741 5747 Denver, Colorado Urban
Business F 1129 161 Scappoose, Oregon Rural
Business G 1191 1232 Eugene, Oregon Urban
Business H 1650 652 Portland, Oregon Urban
Business I 1755 1484 Bend, Oregon Urban
Business J 9897 1913 Portland, Oregon Urban
Business K 850 1923 Mount Vernon, Washington Rural
Business L 898 421 Spokane, Washington Urban
Business M 1060 452 Seattle, Washington Urban
Business N 1333 1664 Aberdeen, Washington Rural
  1. Displays demographic information for the cannabis businesses in our sample, including number of Instagram followers, number of Facebook followers, city and state location, and city setting classification based on population using U.S. census classification definitions