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Table 1 Participant’s information of relatives with a SUD

From: “I can’t live like that”: the experience of caregiver stress of caring for a relative with substance use disorder

Participant Age Gender Person with Addiction
PA.001 44 Female Sister addicted to opiated for more than 5 years
PA.002 56 Female Brother is addicted to alcohol and a history of cocaine use.
PA.003 48 Female Dependents are addicted to methamphetamine.
PA.004 57 Female Daughter who is addicted to methamphetamine.
PA.005 57 Female Children are addicted to substances- methamphetamine. Cares for her grandchildren because the daughter is unable to.
PA.006 28 Male Sisters and father are addicted to drugs and alcohol. One sister has HIV, Hep C, TB, and diabetes.
PA.007 27 Female Sister is addicted to methamphetamine for 13 years; brother struggles with alcohol, and the mother is addicted to opiates and gambling.
PA.008 50 Female Two brothers are addicted to alcohol and drugs and have Hepatitis C. Ex-husband was addicted to alcohol.
PA.009 37 Female Father struggles with alcohol addiction.
PA.010 50 Male Ex-wife’s father struggles with alcohol addiction
PA.011 54 Male Two sons are addicted to alcohol and drugs and also suffer from HIV.
PA.012 45 Female Stepfather is addicted to alcohol
PA.013 63 Female Son is addicted to alcohol and methamphetamine.
PA.014 37 Female Father is addicted to alcohol
PA.015 38 Female Brother is addicted to alcohol and used cocaine and methamphetamine.
PA.016   Female Father is addicted to alcohol, and her mother died from a methadone overdose.
PA.017 72 Male Daughter is addicted to alcohol; grandson, 22 struggles with alcohol addiction.
PA.018   Male Father was addicted to cocaine for more than 10 years.
PA.019 22 Female Brother is addicted to alcohol and cocaine.
PA.020 62 Female Daughter and boyfriend are addicted to drugs
PA.021 35 Female Three sisters are addicted to alcohol