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Table 1 Summary of key findings and themes

From: Changing course: supporting a shift to environmental strategies in a state prevention system

Key findings Theme
1) Benchmark rollout perceived positively 1) Instructions and guidance about new benchmarks were clear and helpful
2) Timeline to achieve new benchmarks was sufficient
3) Challenge identified: staff capacity and expertise
4) Challenge identified: changes to prior program investments
2) LME-MCOs made tangible changes to meet benchmarks 5) Increased monitoring and oversight of providers
6) Variation in guidance/oversight strategies (Intensive strategies and facilitative strategies)
7) Minimal changes in selecting providers and amounts of funding
3) Mixed perceptions of the role of LME-MCOs within the state prevention system 8) Prevention as a small part of work within the scope of work LME-MCOs do
9) Impressions that managed care system is complex
10) Perceived limitations of changes that LME-MCOs can make