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Table 1 Variables collected in the questionnaire

From: Alcohol use disorders, beverage preferences and the influence of alcohol marketing: a preliminary study

Alcohol marketing perception

Criteria influencing the purchase of alcohol

Factors making the product attractive

Perception of the influence of alcohol marketing on their consumption

Preferred brand and beverage preference (at initiation of alcohol consumption, at the moment the AUD appeared and current)

Perception of the influence of alcohol advertising: recall of an advertisement for alcohol seen in the last 6 months

Perception of the beverages entailing the most and the least risk

Personal and familial history

AUD familial history and beverage preferences in their family

Personal alcohol consumption

Conditions of alcohol initiation

History of alcohol use disorders (duration)

Beverage preference at alcohol initiation, when it became a problem and currently.

DSM 5 criteria in the previous 12 months

AUD main damage

Sociodemographic variables

gender/ age / working status / living single or in a couple