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Table 2 Sobel test of mediation for Alcohol drinking from smoking to SHS exposure

From: Alcohol drinking as a mediator of the influence of smoking prevalence on second-hand smoke exposure in workplaces: a mediation analysis

Sobel test of mediation for drinking Total effect Direct effect Indirect effect Proportion of total effect
that is mediated
Model 1
 Male: Smoking→SHS exposure 0.408** 0.382** 0.026** 6.4%
 Female: Smoking→SHS exposure 0.359** 0.310** 0.049** 13.6%
 Overall: Smoking→SHS exposure 0.405** 0.360** 0.045** 11.1%
Model 2
 Male: Smoking →SHS exposure 0.386** 0.362** 0.024** 6.3%
 Female: Smoking→SHS exposure 0.340** 0.293** 0.048** 14.1%
 Overall: Smoking→SHS exposure 0.376** 0.334** 0.04** 10.6%
  1. Note: **p < 0.01
  2. Model 1-we only included independent variable (Smoking), dependent variable (SHS exposure) and mediate variable (Alcohol drinking) in the model
  3. Model 2-Except independent, dependent and mediate variables, we also included control variable (age, ethnic, BMI, marriage, education attainment, yearly income, chronic disease, sleep duration, position and night-shift duty) in the model