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Table 5 Behaviour among people that ever used illicit drugs (N = 636)

From: Patterns of ecstasy use amongst live music event attendees and their opinions on pill testing: a cross sectional study

  % (n) Comparison data 2016a Percent
In terms of your health how concerned are you about the content and/or purity of the illicit drugs you take (n = 618)
 Not at all 13.8 Not at all/ a little 47.2
 A little 27.0   
 Somewhat 38.3 Somewhat/ a lot 52.8
 A lot 20.9   
If a harmful substance was detected in your drugs using the pill testing service, how likely would you be to still consume them? (n = 618)
 Not at all 52.3  
 A little 25.9   
 Somewhat 16.3   
 A lot 5.5   
Currently, how likely are you to attempt to find out about content and/or purity of the illicit drugs you intend to take? (n = 615)
 Not at all 19.8  
 A little 26.7   
 Somewhat 27.5   
 A lot 26.0   
How likely is it that you would use a free pill testing service? (n = 615)
 Not at all 3.1  
 A little 6.5   
 Somewhat 17.1   
 A lot 73.3   
  1. a Source: Day et al, 2018 [21]