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Table 2 County Government SUD treatment and prevention programs

From: A review of the public sector substance use disorder treatment and prevention systems in Kenya

  County Program description (Based on Programs Based Budget 2019/2020) County Departments supervising the program Amount allocated (US$)
1. Kakamega [48] Alcohol and drug abuse Rehabilitation program (construction and purchase of equipment) Department of Public Service and administration 54,905a
2. Mombasa [49] Control of drug and substance abuse, Medically Assisted Therapy Department of Health services 225,884b
3. Samburu [54] Increase awareness on alcohol and drug abuse Department of Health services 3,442,039c
4. Kwale [51] Management of drug and substance abuse rehabilitation centre Department of Social services and talent management 32,366
5. Kilifi [56] Campaign and sensitization against drug/substance abuse Department of Gender, Culture, Social Services and Sports 40,000d
6. Embu [37] Rehabilitation of persons with SUDs Department of Youth empowerment, gender, children, culture and social services 81,061
7. Machakos [47] Create awareness on SUDs Department of Tourism, culture, Youth, Sports 13,308
8. Makueni [46] Anti-drug & substance abuse program Department of Education, Youth, Sports, and Information Communication and Technology 300,000e
9. Turkana [45] Rehabilitation and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse; Public education advocacy and awareness Department of Health services and sanitation 19,000
10. Elgeyo Marakwet [44] Baseline survey on prevalence of alcohol use Department of Public Administration and governance 556,040f
  1. aamount includes allocation for alcoholic drinks control
  2. bamount includes allocation for family, maternal, adolescent and child health; Malaria; Tuberculosis treatment and prevention; HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention
  3. camount was allocated to ‘preventive and promotive health services’ with ‘increasing awareness on alcohol and drug abuse’ as one of the programs
  4. damount includes allocation for anti-radicalization, peace and security campaigns; youth talent identification; youth economic empowerment, campaign against teenage pregnancy and youth skills training
  5. eamount includes allocation for sports development
  6. famount includes allocation for inspection of alcoholic drinks outlets