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Table 1 Participant and Facility Characteristics

From: Barriers, facilitators, and disparities in retention for adolescents in treatment for substance use disorders: a qualitative study with treatment providers

CharacteristicNMean (range)
 Executive/Program Director11 
 Clinical/Medical Director5 
Race/ethnicity and gender
 White women12 
 White men3 
 Black women1 
 Black men1 
Years in SUD treatment field1 11.2 (1–35)
Years working in the facility1 5.5 (0.5–20)
Treatment Facilities--Total19 
Level of care
 Detox & Stabilization2 
Hospital based (Outpatient)3 
 Substance use only5 
 Mental health only1 
 Substance use and mental health12 
 Integrated primary care and behavioral health1 
  1. Notes:1N = 18 due to missing data