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Table 1 Social situation and drug and alcohol use at time of admission (percentage distribution)

From: Mental health problems among young people in substance abuse treatment in Sweden

N = 541
N = 1429
N = 1970
Living with parents6978760.001*
Studies, practical placement or work8181810.910
School problems7258620.001*
Problems in childhood environment
 Financial problems3124260.002*
 Substance abuse4328320.001*
 Mental health problems4627320.001*
Placement in foster care/residential home1917180.078
Arrested by police4667610.001*
Convicted of crime2239340.001*
Victim of crime5046470.110
Exposed to violence/abuse
Association with criminal/drug-abusing peers6665650.655
Primary drug
 Other drugs10570.001*
 Frequent substance use#5751530.041*
 Age at onset (years)14.8715.1915.100.044*
Poly drug use2824250.058
Prior substance abuse treatment2825260.344
  1. #Frequency of substance use 2–3 days/week or more
  2. *=p < 0.05