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Table 1 Final set of included items in the Strengths And Barriers Recovery Scale (SABRS) (n = 32)

From: Measuring capital in active addiction and recovery: the development of the strengths and barriers recovery scale (SABRS)

Recovery strength items Recovery Barrier items
- Exercise regularly
- Have a GP
- Have regular dental checks
- Have good nutrition
- Take care of your health
- Maintain a driving license
- Maintain a bank account
- Able to pay your bills
- Maintain stable housing
- Remain in steady employment
- Further your education or training
- Start your own business
- Participate in family life
- Plan for the future
- Volunteer
- Have untreated emotional or mental health problems
- Make regular visits to the emergency room
- Regular use of health services
- Smoke
- Have your drivers’ license revoked
- Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Damage property
- Been arrested
- Been charged with a criminal offence
- Been to prison
- Have bad debts
- Were unable to pay the bills
- Regularly missed school or work
- Dropped out of school or college
- Fired or suspended from work
- Lose custody of children
- Experience family violence