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Table 4 Social support in MMT treatment

From: Treatment adherence amongst drug users attending public and private methadone maintenance clinics in a northern province of Vietnam

CharacteristicsCompletely adherenceIncompletely adherenceTotalp-value
Current support provider
 Health workers at MMT facility8549.77834.816341.3< 0.01*
 Other health workers42.341.882.00.73¢
 Relatives in family13076.017779.030777.70.48*
 Peer in MMT2212.94520.16717.00.06*
 Neighbors/other acquaintances95.373.1164.10.29*
Perceived needed support provider
 Health workers at MMT facility7745.06729.914436.5< 0.01*
 Other health workers95.373.1164.10.27*
 Relatives in family13176.617678.630777.70.64*
 Peer in MMT2615.22712.15313.40.36*
 Neighbors/other acquaintances105.973.1174.30.19*
Perceived most needed support provider
 Health workers12573.117176.329674.9 
Perceived most effective type of support
 Self-timer (clock, phone, etc.)1911.13917.45814.7< 0.01*
 Relatives support21.2208.9225.6 
 Remember by yourself14484.214564.728973.2 
Perceived additional type of support to improve MMT adherence
 Methods to improve treatment31.8146.25174.30.03*
 Job search guidelines105.9188.0287.10.40*
 Financial support2615.25022.37619.20.08*
  1. *Chi square test, ¢Fisher exact test