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Table 2 Risk behaviors among participants

From: Changes in quality of life and its associated factors among illicit drug users in Vietnamese mountainous provinces: a 12-month follow-up study

CharacteristicsDien BienLai ChauYen BaiTotalp-value
Duration of drug use
  < 2 years22.079.644.1134.80.73
 2–5 years2828.32128.83030.67929.3 
 5–10 years3535.42230.13333.79033.3 
 10–20 years2626.31824.72424.56825.2 
  > 20 years88.156.977.1207.4 
Drug-injection in the last 30 days3119.02113.53522.28718.20.13
Re-use/sharing of needles1312.944.01010.1279.00.08
Currently smoking9190.19292.07979.826287.30.02
Alcohol practice in the last 12 months6665.45858.03939.816354.5< 0.01
Using condom in the last having sex4949.54951.64951.014750.70.96
Had sex with sex workers1616.21111.62121.74816.50.17