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Table 6 Instruction: please tick the appropriate box according to the actuality of drug using as before. (√)

From: Application of the Chinese version of the addiction profile index (API) in drug users: an analysis of validity and measurement invariance across genders

  Only a few times 1–3 times a month 1–5 times a week Almost everyday
1 Opioids
(Heroin, opiates)
Amphetamine-type stimulants     
2 Ice     
3 Magu     
4 Ecstasy     
5 Cannabis     
6 Hallucinogen
(Ketamine, etc.)
7 Pills-Medicine
(calming/sleeping, pain-relievers, etc.)
8 Others
(LSD,GHB, Cocaine, Crack, etc.)
  1. 9 How often do you experience problems due to the effect of the (substance) (i.e. loss of consciousness, overdose, loss of control, etc.)
  2. [1] Never [2] Rarely [3] Sometimes [4] Usually Almost always