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Table 3 Confirmatory factor analysis of the Addiction Profile Index

From: Application of the Chinese version of the addiction profile index (API) in drug users: an analysis of validity and measurement invariance across genders

Model A1774.386448<.01.921.911123,603.732124,435.064.056.047 
Model B1823.518467<.01.919.912123,604.962124,330.992.056.051B vs. A−.002.001
Model C2012.815486<.01.909.905123,769.823124,390.551.058.053C vs. B−.01−.007
Model D2142.319509<.01.903.903123,881.854124,375.111.058.057D vs. C−.006−.002
  1. Notes: Model A, configural invariance; Model B, metric invariance; Model C, scalar invariance; Model D, strict invariance
  2. Abbreviations: df degrees of freedom, TLI Tucker Lewis Index, CFI comparative fit index, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, SRMR standardized root mean squared residual, BIC Bayesian information criterion, AIC Akaike information criterion