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Table 2 Factors and factor loadings of the Chinese and original versions of the API with EFA

From: Application of the Chinese version of the addiction profile index (API) in drug users: an analysis of validity and measurement invariance across genders

Low resistance to substance use1.4131.779
Frequent attempts to quit1.6831.703
Spending too much time to use1.6421.741
Discontinuing other activities1.5771.590
Family relationship problems2.7422.631
Career/educational problems2.6762.638
Physical health problems2.6222.678
Psychological problems2.7292.733
Economic problems2.4612.534
Problematic relationships with friends and neighbors2.3722.709
Getting into trouble with substance use2.6762.654
Legal problems2.6722.476
Substance use during daytime2.5121.546
Using the substance when you do not want to3.6193.643
Family and neighbors are worried about you2.3722.436
Thinking about substance use3.8323.699
Craving substance use3.8713.614
Difficulty controlling the substance use3.5201.608
Problems associated with substance use4.7104.611
Considering quitting or decreasing use4.7674.774
Importance of quitting or decreasing use4.7694.743
% of variance 52.3 55.299
  1. Note: Tolerance = (Item 13+ Item 14)/2, Abstinence = (Item 15 + Item 16)/2
  2. aFactor 1: diagnosis, factor 2: effects on person’s life, factor 3: craving, factor 4: motivation
  3. bFactor 1: behavioral symptoms of dependence, factor 2: the impact on social life, factor 3: craving, factor 4: motivations of detoxification
  4. Abbreviations: API Addiction Profile Index, EFA exploratory factor analysis