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Table 1 Development of prisoners undergoing Opioid Maintenance Treatment (OMT)

From: Implementation of opioid maintenance treatment in prisons in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany – a top down approach

DateTotal number of prisoners at year/cutoff-dateNumber of prisoners with opioid use disorderNumber of prisoners in opioid maintenance treatmentProportion of prisoners with opioid use disorder in opioid maintenance treatment (in %)
Oct., 201016,828470175116
Apr., 201117,2634968103521
Oct., 201117,0214741120926
Apr., 201217,4104722129727
Oct., 201217,2034385138031
Apr., 201317,0034355137432
Oct., 201316,7104294141333
Apr., 201416,5754159144135
Oct., 201415,9543900149338
Apr., 201515,9263905150038
Oct., 201515,6403693144239
Apr., 201616,4323650141539
Oct., 201715,781n/a1603n/a
  1. n/a No data were collected in 2009. In 2017, a nationwide survey was used. Since this version differed slightly from the years 2009–2016, the number of prisoners with opioid use disorder is unknown for 2017