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Table 1 Table summarising the collaborative and concerted efforts

From: Peer involvement and cross-sector efforts in establishing integrated treatment of hepatitis C virus infection for people with substance use disorders: experiences from Norway

 Information interventionsOutreach interventionsIntegrated health care
Interventions towards usersUser group seminars led by user group representatives together with MAR clinics and the INTRO-HCV project
Information brochure developed by user group representatives and the INTRO-HCV project reaching 6000 persons
Establishing of outreach bus («Hepatittbussen») led by user group representatives in ProLAR Nett to diagnose people with hepatitis C, informing and motivating for treatmentEstablishing an integrated health care response in collaboration between user group representatives, MAR clinics, internal medicine specialists, municipal health care clinics and researchers coordinated by INTRO-HCV project. The integrated assessment and treatment has reached 800 persons in MAR outpatient clinics, municipal health care clinics, and local and regional prisons.
Interventions towards health care workersUser group members working in MAR clinics and health care seminars led by MAR clinics, the INTRO-HCV project and user group representatives Research planning seminars led by INTRO-HCV project in collaboration with user group representatives, MAR clinics, and municipal health care officials.
Around 10 seminars have been held.
Policy oriented interventions and public communicationThe concert «Lever4Livet» reached a general population group in the Bergen areaPolicy panels led by municipal health care policy makers with user group representativesSeveral mass media communications and have reached a large population group in the Bergen area