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Table 2 Rotated principle components matrix of societal problems, factor loadings

From: The last 10 years: any changes in perceptions of the seriousness of alcohol, cannabis, and substance use in Canada?

Alcohol problems0.6870.1960.6350.183
Theft and property crime0.6540.2510.6570.281
Environmental damage0.2200.5470.1600.620
Drug problems (cocaine, amphetamine, heroin)0.7820.1740.7710.098
Lacking gender equality0.1630.7100.1320.666
Smoking tobacco0.4580.4170.5880.218
Violent crime0.5300.5500.6040.433
Large wage differences0.0150.7110.0800.655
Gambling problems0.5730.4590.6320.379
Ethnic discrimination0.3460.6730.1920.732
Misuse of medical drugs0.5680.4550.5280.482
Financial crimes0.5090.5140.3960.623
Initial eigenvalues6.
Varimax rotation; total explained variation44.88.841.29.8
  1. Bold data indicate a factor loading of 0.4 of greater