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Table 5 Logistic regression model based on the six important variables of the SVM model

From: Application of data mining techniques and logistic regression to model drug use transition to injection: a case study in drug use treatment centers in Kermanshah Province, Iran

VariablesOdds ratio (OR)95% confidence interval for ORP-value
Occupational status (reference = Housewife)
Motivation for starting the drug use (reference = unemployment)
 Drug use of friends0.9320.481.810.836
 Use as a pain reliever0.1220.090.21<  0.001
 Emotional distress and mental0.6340.271.490.297
History of taking heroin
 Yes12.238.3317.81<  0.001
History of taking cocaine    
 Yes5.923.719.48<  0.001
History of taking hallucinogens
 Yes19.0143.388.24<  0.001
History of prison
 Yes2.431.704.35<  0.001