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Table 4 Mean and standard deviation of total accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood ratio, negative likelihood ratio and Kappa statistic for DT, NN, SVM and LR

From: Application of data mining techniques and logistic regression to model drug use transition to injection: a case study in drug use treatment centers in Kermanshah Province, Iran

ModelsTotal accuracySensitivitySpecificityPositive likelihood ratioNegative likelihood ratioKappa
MeanStd. devMeanStd. devMeanStd. devMeanStd. devMeanStd. dev
Decision tree0.820.0430.760.0270.860.02525.2712000.87
Neural network0.830.020.870.0310.840.021177.670.0270.030.79
Support vector machine0.910.010.940.0170.900.0223515000.94
Logistic regression0.650.0250.740.0950.850.0265.781.