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Table 3 Logistic regression model

From: Application of data mining techniques and logistic regression to model drug use transition to injection: a case study in drug use treatment centers in Kermanshah Province, Iran

VariablesOdds ratio (OR)95% confidence interval for ORWaldP-value
Occupational status
 High School0.9190.4591.8380.0570.811
 College education0.9050.4671.7540.0870.767
The first used drug
 Others0.4170.2750.63316.909< 0.001
Number of years of drug use1.0471.0211.07512.390< 0.001
Motivation for starting the drug use
 Drug use of friends0.5920.2711.2931.729.0.188
 Use as a pain reliever2.2070.9295.2443.2150.073
 Emotional distress and mental0.0000.00 0.0000.996
Family history of drug use
 yes1. 4030.9382.0992.7120.100
History of taking hashish
 yes0.4460.2990.66515.694<  0.001
History of taking heroin
 yes0.1070.0700.164106.375<  0.001
History of taking cocaine
 yes0.1650.1010.27051.905<  0.001
History of taking hallucinogens
 yes0.0590.0240.14637.579<  0.001
History of taking crystal
History of taking methadone
History of suicide
 yes0.3530.2200.56618.650<  0.001
History of prison
Number of referrals to drug treatment centers
  > 50.6040.3840.9494.7800.029