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Table 1 Characteristic of studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis (Data extraction)

From: The prevalence of alcohol use disorders among people living with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author name, yearCountryStudy designYear of data collectionSample sizeMean/median age of study participants (+ SD)AUD measured byNo. of male with AUDNo. of female with AUDPrevalence of AUD (%)
Silverberg et al., 2013 [25]USRCT2013–1561449.4AUDITNANA48
Segni et al., 2017 [7]EthiopiaCross-sectional2016418NAAUDIT1011424.7
Silva et al., 2017 [26]BrazilCross-sectional2012–334342.2 (11.1)AUDIT712728.6
Crane et al., 2017 [27]USLongitudinal study2013–20158567NAAUDIT198328727
Nouaman et al., 2018 [28]Four African countriesCross-sectional2013–4182439AUDIT25613638.4
Pokhrela et al., 2018 [29]NepalCross-sectional201568236.3 (8.2)AUDIT1245125.7
Egbe et al., 2017 [30]NigeriaCross-sectional2015118739.3 (9.1)CIDI17914
Rosmary, 2015 [31]KenyaCross-sectional2015178NAAUDIT27933
Kibera et al., 2017 [32]KenyaCross-sectional2014272NAAUDIT33514
Goar et al., 2011 [13]NigeriaCross-sectionalNA16035.6 (8.66)AUDIT352839.4
Mayston et al., 2015 [33]IndiaCross-sectional2010193435AUDITNANA12.8
Zelalem et al., 2018 [34]EthiopiaCross-sectional2017358NAAUDITNANA30.2
Oliveira et al.,2015 [35]BrazilCross-sectionalNA10842.7 (9.4)AUDIT5812
Soboka et al., 2014 [36]EthiopiaCross-sectional201240135.5 (9.78)AUDIT636432.6
Orwat et al., 2011 [14]USCohort200636942.7CIDINANA12
Parsons et al.,2014 [37]USCross-sectional201355755.0 (4.4)AUDITNANA74.3
Simon et al., 2014 [38]BrazilCross-sectional2008–958040.6 (10.8)AUDIT774621.2
Medley et al., 2014 [39]SSARCT2009–10353837.2 (8.4)AUDIT1087620
Scott-Sheldon et al., 2014 [40]South AfricaRCT2008–1076330AUDITNANA62
Jolley et al., 2016 [41]USCohort2007–1119622AUDITNANA76
Idrisov et al., 2017 [42]RussiaRCT2012–1424944 (9)AUDITNANA59
Bultum et al., 2018 [43]EthiopiaCross-sectional201552734.3 (4.8)AUDIT492614.2
Wandera et al., 2015 [44]UgandaCross-sectional201472536.54 (9.49)AUDIT11212733
Farley et al., 2010 [45]NigeriaCross-sectional2007399NAAUDIT482812
Duko et al., 2019 [46]EthiopiaCross-sectional201919529.88 (10.89)AUDIT422029.9