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Table 3 Multiple regression analysis of the proportion of abstinence days 30 days prior to follow-up

From: Readiness to change among involuntarily and voluntarily admitted patients with substance use disorders

CharacteristicCoefficient bP-value(95% CI)
Constant72.50.001(40.3 to 104.8)
Injected drug abusea−25.50.002(−41.7 to −9.2)
Involuntary hospital admission−16.00.076(−33.7 to 1.7)
Readiness for change (RCTQ)14.00.083(−1.9 to 29.9)
Age0.20.696(−0.7 to 1.0)
Gender−8.60.318(−25.5 to 8.4)
  1. aDuring the 6 months prior to admission