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Table 3 Standardized factor loadings for the Implementation Climate Scale

From: Validation of the Implementation Climate Scale (ICS) in substance use disorder treatment organizations

ICS Factor items 6-factor Solution Factor Loadings
1. Focus on EBP
 Main goal is to use EBP effectively .89
 Think implementation is important .89
 Using EBP is a top priority .82
2. Educational Support for EBP
 EBP trainings or in-services .87
 Conferences, workshops, or seminars .83
 Training materials, journals, etc. .71
3. Recognition for EBP
 Held in high esteem .86
 Seen as clinical expert .83
 More likely to be promoted .57
4. Rewards for EBP
 Financial incentives for use of EBP .88
 More likely to get a bonus/raise .76
 Accumulate compensated time .68
5. Selection for EBP
 Previously used EBP .84
 Value EBP .87
 Formal education supporting EBP .86
6. Selection for Openness
 Adaptable .88
 Flexible .90
 Open to new interventions .67