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Table 1 Search Query Text

From: Global research mapping of substance use disorder and treatment 1971–2017: implications for priority setting

First, we searched for the three main kinds of substance use disorder:
 (1) smoking OR tobacco-smoking OR nicotine OR tobacco-use-disorder* OR Cigar* OR Tobacco
 (2) substance-abuse OR substance-related-disorder* OR substance-abuse-intravenous OR drug-rehabilitation OR drug-usage OR drug-depend* OR substance-use-disorder* OR opioid-related-disorder* OR opioid-abuse OR opioid-addict* OR Drug-Abuse OR Drug-Addict* OR Marijuana-abuse OR Marijuana-addict*
 (3) alcohol*-drinking OR alcohol*-addiction OR alcohol*-abuse OR alcohol-rehabilitation OR alcohol-depend*
Second, we developed separate search queries for several commonly used interventions and methods for treating substance abuse disorder. These included:
 (4) Behavioral therapy with six sub-fields: Cognitive behavioral therapy, self-help, Motivational enhancement therapy, Motivational interviewing, The Matrix Model, and 12 Step Facilitation Therapy,
 (5) Psychological treatment method with three sub-fields: Family therapy, Group counseling OR mixed counseling and Mindfulness,
 (6) Pharmacological therapy with four sub-fields: Nicotine replacement therapy and Non nicotine medication were for nicotine addiction, for alcohol abuse were Disulfiram therapy OR Naltrexone OR Campral, and for opioid addiction we applied: Alternative-Drug* OR Methadone OR Buprenorphine OR Naltrexone, and
 (7) Other treatment methods included: herbal medicine, digital medicine, telephony, and acupuncture.
In final step, we connected query 1 through 3 with the “AND” operator with queries 4 through 7 [see Additional file 1].