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Table 1 Demographic data of participating clinicians (n=31)

From: Clinicians’ perceptions for indicating and contra-indicating integrated treatment for SUD and comorbid PTSD, a vignette study

Age, mean (sd) 40.1 (8.6)
Work experience PTSD, mean (sd) 7.2 (4.6)
Profession, n (%)a  
Psychologist 1 (3.2)
Health-care psychologist 27 (87.1)
Psychotherapist 3 (9.7)
Clinical psychologist 2 (6.5)
Clinical child, family and education studies 1 (3.2)
Level of care, n (%)b  
Outpatient 21 (67.7)
Residential treatment 12 (38.7)
Day treatment 1 (3.2)
  1. a3 participants are psychotherapists as well as health care psychologists
  2. b1 participant works in all of the three level of care settings and 2 participants work in a residential treatment setting as well as in an outpatient treatment setting