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Table 1 Characteristics and dates of engagement for organizations participating in HFTAT testing

From: The housing first technical assistance and training (HFTAT) implementation strategy: outcomes from a mixed methods study of three programs

  Organization 1 Organization 2 Organization 3
Location Indianapolis, IN Chicago, IL suburbs Cincinnati, OH
Tenant population size <  50 200 375
Years in operation 0 49 25
Housing model at time of HFTAT engagement None because new program Abstinence-only Housing First
Housing typea Project-based Scattered-site Scattered-site
Dates of HFTAT engagement Nov 2015-June 2016 March 2016-Oct 2016 Sept 2016-March 2017
Number participating in each stage of data collection
 Online data collection 18 46 49
 Administrative interviews 4 5 6
 Staff focus group participants 4 6 2b
  1. a“Project-based” refers to a program where all housing units are in a single building. “Scattered-site” refers to a program where housing units are scattered among multiple buildings
  2. bWhile Org3 contracted multiple organizations to provide mental health case management, the organization only employed two housing case managers