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Table 3 Items and Factor Loadings of BSU

From: Assessing the validity and reliability of the Turkish versions of craving beliefs and beliefs about substance use questionnaire in patients with heroin use disorder: demonstrating valid tools to assess cognition-emotion interplay

Item Factor loading
Factor 1: Facilitative beliefs about heroin use
 BSU10 I don’t deserve to recover from use/drink 0.91
 BSU11 I’m not a strong enough person to stop 0.84
 BSU13 Drug use and drinking are not problems for me 0.84
 BSU16 If someone has a problem with drugs/drink, it’s all genetic 0.79
 BSU9 Life would be depressing, if I stopped 0.78
 BSU7 My life won’t get any better, even if stop using drugs/drinking 0.69
 BSU4 This is the only way to cope with pain in my life 0.69
 BSU2 Using drugs is the only way to increase my creativity and productivity 0.69
 BSU12 I could not be social without using drugs/drinking 0.59
 BSU17 I can’t relax without drugs/drinking. 0.39
Factor 2: Psychophysical beliefs about heroin use
 BSU19 I can’t control my anxiety without using drugs/drinking. 0.89
 BSU14 The cravings/ urges won’t go away unless I use drugs/drinking 0.80
 BSU15 My drug use/drinking is caused by someone else (e.g. spouse, family, etc. 0.77
 BSU6 The craving/urges make me use drugs/drinking 0.66
 BSU20 I can’t make my life fun unless I use drugs/drinking 0.62
 BSU1 Life without using drugs/drinking is boring. 0.61
 BSU8 The only way to deal with my anger is by using drugs/drinking 0.57
 BSU18 Having this drug/drink problem means I am fundamentally a bad person 0.56
 BSU3 I can’t function without it. 0.47
 BSU5 I am not ready to stop using drugs/drinking. 0.40
 Variance 54.5%