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Table 2 Alcohol use and adverse effects of alcohol use during Freshman’s week (FW), n = 2835 (participated in FW)

From: “Freshman’s week”: characteristics associated with participation and experiencing adverse effects

  Mean (95% CI)/Percentage (95% CI)
Alcohol use during FW
 Drank alcohol 93.6% (92.7–94.6%)a
 Number of days drinking (among drinkers) 4.1 (2.0)b
 Participated in alcohol-free events 45.3% (43.3–47.2%)c
Adverse immediate effects
 Impaired physical health 21.0% (19.5–22.5%)
 Impaired psychological health 4.2% (3.4–4.9%)
 Felt left out 7.2% (6.2–8.1%)
 Involved in violence/crime 0.4% (0.2–0.6%)
  1. CI Confidence interval, a287 missing cases, b289 missing cases, c286 missing cases