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Table 2 Illustration of Posts Categorized by tones and topic of interest

From: Cannabis and Kratom online information in Thailand: Facebook trends 2015–2016

Topic Cannabis Kratom
Posts with Positive tone
Persuasive Greeting with/ without Picture “Good morning! Have you smoked weed today?” “Admin wants to eat kratom. What about you guys?”
“May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. Cannabis smoking is better.” “Hey my friend, it’s morning! Do you want one pot of this? Ha ha!” (with kratom tea picture)
“I woke up at 3 AM so I used once (This one is portable with the size of your palm). “I was away for long. I’m back with Kratom today!!” (with picture of Kratom leaves and the bottle of cough suppressant)
“What a wonderful wedding ceremony. They serve Kratom tea. Awsome!”
Mention of Properties/ Benefits “Blue Dream is one of the best-seller cannabis in the US. With its anti-depressive and analgesic effect and the berry-like taste, no doubt that it becomes more and more popular.” “If you are not kratom users, you would not know the benefits of it. I tried to find the pros and cons of this drug and found mostly pros. For example, knowing more people, sharing experience, having responsibility, knowing how to manage finances or supply, never causing trouble to other people (better than alcohol). There are some cons, for example, learning impairment (but in my experience my friends have good grades and I want everyone to be like this)…”
“… The medical properties are anti-diarrheal and some would say it could treat diabetes.”
Opinion “Cannabis cures everything.” “It’s friendship. Even we are in different age or different socioeconomic status, when we sit together, we all allies. When we get drunk, we never fight any one. The thing that happens is only friendship.”
“Cannabis kills no one.”
“Good for your mind. Everyone likes it.”
“Once you smoke, even you are feeling so sad, you will always have a smile.”
“Cannabis has never lied so I love it all my heart”
Planting Teaching and giving tips on how to plant and encouraging people to grow cannabis Picture of kratom tree with phrase
“not so long to be professional (on planting)”
“can be eaten soon”
Law Issue “Let’s sign your name on this site to support the removal of cannabis from the drug schedule. Tell your friends too!” None
“Cannabis has lots of benefits (kill cancer, anxiolytic effect) and is less addictive compared to alcohol and cigarettes. Why is it illegal whereas alcohol is harmful to health but legally sold? I don’t understand Thai law.”
Marketing - Plants, seeds, leaves and equipment were marketed. - Mostly sell kratom leaves.
“Add me (Line ID xxx) if you want to know where to get cannabis seed.” “If you need a large amount of kratom, please contact us. We sell them in limited quantities.”
“We invite you to our page HighBong. We sell glass vaporizer and all kind of equipment for cannabis users. We also have a new page for gaining more customers. “A large number of kratom leaves sold here. 1 kg 900 baht. 2 kg 850 baht. 3 and above 800/kg. Limited supply, please order now.”
There may be only a few items but we plan to have more soon and ensure to you that we will send them right to your hand. We can guarantee delivery!” “Only two months to grow. If you are interested, please leave your Line ID, we will contact you.”
- Link to webpage about the cannabis was embedded in some page.
- Pictures of products and packages and reviews from customers about the products they bought
Pictures with or without text but Showing Usage Picture of cannabis leaves and plants together with vapor or “bong” in different designs, and/or people (adult or child) who were smoking weed Picture of kratom tea in the pot or glass which was ready to drink and/or with people drinking that tea near the pot
“In this hot weather, we need some sweet.” (with picture of kratom tea and a bottle of cough suppressant)
Posts with Neutral tone
Changing page cover or page profile (which we automatically categorized as neutral tone) Picture of the plant or leaves Picture of the plant or leaves
Posting about weapons (Guns)
Picture of smiling person
Sharing news about law or research finding without opinion -News about seminar of the committee from the law reform commission of Thailand about the drug policy None
-News about HEMPLAND – the exhibition talking about present and future of cannabis industry of Thai
-News about decriminalization of drug use and possession for personal consumption from UNODC
-News about the future policy about cannabis tax payment to support education
General greeting by administrator of any unrelated topic to the drug -Picture or text related to king RAMA9 death -Picture or text related to king RAMA9 death
-Sharing video about Thai dancing -Picture of brown color drink in soft drink bottle
-Picture of a lighter with phase “one of the most common lost items” -Updating page status by administrator “Please add our new page. This page will be close out soon.”
-Updating page status by administrator “I’m back. From tomorrow, I will update the page daily. Will get you some VDO! Have a good night everybody!!!”
  1. This table describes posts with positive and neutral tone categorized by topic. The contents in cannabis page were slightly different from kratom page