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Table 2 Level of agreement to attitudinal statements regarding the provision of smoking cessation care by staffa

From: Addressing tobacco in Australian alcohol and other drug treatment settings: a cross-sectional survey of staff attitudes and perceived barriers

Statement Strongly disagree/disagree Neither agree nor disagree Strongly agree/agree
  n % n % n %
 A comprehensive range of smoking cessation treatments should be part of usual care 12 3 43 10 388 87
 Smoking cessation counselling is as important as counselling about other drugs for clients of this service 52 13 73 16 318 72
 Our staff have the organisational support to provide smoking cessation treatments to clients 77 18 110 24 256 58
 Most drug and alcohol clients who smoke are not interested in doing anything about their smoking 155 35 110 25 178 40
 Increasing restrictions on smoking in this service would increase client aggression towards staff 220 50 122 28 101 23
 Smoking is a personal choice and it is not this service’s role to interfere 245 55 126 28 72 16
  1. aAttitudinal statements were rated on a 5-point likert-type scale. For analysis purposes responses were grouped as strongly disagree/disagree, neither agree nor disagree, strongly agree/agree. Counts and percentages are presented