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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Strategies to facilitate integrated care for people with alcohol and other drug problems: a systematic review

Search term 1: AOD Search term 2: Service Search term 3: Integrat*
Alcohol Treatment Partnership
“Illicit drugs” Provider Collaborat*
Cannabis Agency Coordinat*
Heroin Program* Comprehensi*
Methamphetamine Rehab* Seamless*
“Substance use” Detox* “Transmural care”
“Substance abuse” Withdrawal Consolidation
“Drug depend*” Pharmaco* “Health care package”
“Addict*” “Primary care” “Care network*”
Ice “Behavioral care” “Joint venture*”
“Substance misuse” “Mental health care” “Interdependence”
“Alcohol and other drug” “Housing service*” Continuity
“Drug and alcohol” “General Practice” “Inter-agency”
  “Social care” “Integrated care”
  “Legal services” “Linkage*”
  1. *Wildcard searches used to retrieve variations on a distinctive word stem or root
  2. “”Exact term searches
  3. (Variants of Search Term 1) AND (Variants of Search Term 2) AND (Variants of Search Term 3)