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Table 2 Categories of alcohol-attributable diseases and the sources used for determining risk relations from the WHO 2014 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health [9]a

From: A narrative review of alcohol consumption as a risk factor for global burden of disease

Condition ICD 10 Code Sources of risk relations (for calculating alcohol-attributable fractions)
Infectious and parasitic diseases   
 Tuberculosis A15-A19 [158]
Human immunodeficiency virus/ Acquired immune deficiency syndrome B20-B24 [56] for estimate on the impact of alcohol on worsening the disease course via disrupting the medication schedule
Malignant neoplasms   
 Mouth and oropharynx cancers C00-C14 (based on relative risks from [87])
 Esophageal cancer C15 (based on relative risks from [87])
 Liver cancer C22 (based on relative risks from [87])
 Laryngeal cancer C32 (based on relative risks from [87])
 Breast cancer C50 (based on relative risks from [87])
 Colon cancer C18 (combined risk taken from [47])
 Rectal cancer C20
 Diabetes mellitus E10-E14 [71]
Neuro-psychiatric conditions   
 Alcoholic psychoses (part of AUD) F10.0, F10.3-F10.9 100 % alcohol attributable by definition
 Alcohol abuse (part of AUD) F10.1  
 Alcohol dependence (part of AUD) F10.2
 Accidental poisoning by and exposure to alcohol X45  
 Epilepsy G40-G41 [69]
Cardiovascular disease   
 Hypertensive disease I10-I15 [73]
 Ischemic heart disease I20-I25 [89, 90, 159]
For any CRA after GBD 2013 see: [89]   
 Cardiac arrhythmias I47-I49 [76]
 Ischemic stroke I60-I62 [75, 89]
 Hemorrhagic and other non-ischemic stroke I63-I66 [75]
Digestive diseases   
 Cirrhosis of the liver K70, K74 [70]
 Acute and chronic pancreatitis K85, K86.1 [37]
Respiratory infections   
 Lower respiratory infections J10–J18, J20–J22 [52]
Conditions arising during the prenatal period   
 Fetal alcohol syndrome Q86.0 100 % alcohol attributable by definition
Unintentional injuries   
 Motor vehicle accidents b [87]
 Poisonings X40-X49 except X45 [87]
 Falls W00-W19 [87]
 Fires X00-X09 [87]
 Drowning W65-W74 [87]
 Other Unintentional injuries cRest of V-series and W20-W64, W 75-W99, X10-X39, X50-X59, Y40-Y86, Y88, Y89 [87]
Intentional injuries   [87]
 Self-inflicted injuries X60-X84, Y87.0 [87]
 Homicide X85-Y09, Y87.1 [87]
  1. aDue to lack of data on very specific categories of death, diseases where alcohol is a necessary cause (other than Alcohol Use Disorders), such as alcohol poisonings, were modelled using RRs for the broader category
  2. bV021–V029, V031–V039, V041–V049, V092, V093, V123–V129, V133–V139, V143–V149, V194–V196, V203–V209, V213–V219, V223–V229, V233–V239, V243–V249, V253–V259, V263–V269, V273– V279, V283–V289, V294–V299, V304–V309, V314–V319, V324–V329, V334–V339, V344–V349, V354–V359, V364–V369, V374–V379, V384–V389, V394–V399, V404–V409, V414–V419, V424–V429, V434–V439, V444–V449, V454–V459, V464– V469, V474–V479, V484–V489, V494–V499, V504–V509, V514–V519, V524–V529, V534–V539, V544–V549, V554–V559, V564–V569, V574–V579, V584–V589, V594–V599, V604–V609, V614–V619, V624–V629, V634–V639, V644–V649, V654– V659, V664–V669, V674–V679, V684–V689, V694–V699, V704–V709, V714–V719, V724–V729, V734–V739, V744–V749, V754–V759, V764–V769, V774–V779, V784–V789, V794–V799, V803–V805, V811, V821, V830–V833, V840–V843, V850– V853, V860–V863, V870–V878, V892
  3. cRest of V = V-series MINUS b