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Table 1 Summary of measures used in the research protocol

From: “It is not just about the alcohol”: service users’ views about individualised and standardised clinical assessment in a therapeutic community for alcohol dependence

Type of measure Measure Generation of items/problems Domains covered Nr. items Size (A4 pages) Type of items Delivery format Example of item
Standardised TOP Researchers/professionals Drug and alcohol use, injecting risk behaviours, offending and criminal involvement, health and social functioning 21 1 Yes/no, Sliding scales Interview Q3a: “Committed assault or violence”
CORE-OM Researchers/professionals Subjective well-being, symptoms, functioning, risk 34 2 Likert scale Self-report Q2: “I have felt tense, nervous or anxious”
Individualised PSYCHLOPS Patients Any of patient’s own choosing 4 1 Likert scale Self-report Q1 response: “People in my neighborhood disrespect me”
PQ Patients Any of patient’s own choosing Unlimited 2 Likert scale Interview PQ response: “I miss my family”
  1. a“Q”, followed by a number (“Q1”) refers to the number of the item in the questionnaire.