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Table 1 Theoretical Domains Framework [48] coding frequency of pharmacists’ experiences in providing services to people with lived experience of mental illness and addictions

From: Community pharmacists’ experiences in mental illness and addictions care: a qualitative study

Domain Corresponding part of COM-Ba system from the Behaviour Change Wheel [47] Coding frequency
Social/Professional Role and Identity Motivation (reflective) 130
Environmental context and resources Opportunity (physical) 67
Social influences Opportunity (social) 38
Beliefs about capabilities Motivation (reflective) 38
Skills Capability (physical) 28
Knowledge Capability (psychological) 26
Optimism Motivation (reflective) 21
Emotion Motivation (automatic) 17
Beliefs about consequences Motivation (reflective) 12
Reinforcement Motivation (automatic) 8
Goals Motivation (reflective) 6
Intentions Motivation (reflective) 2
Memory, attention, and decision processes Capability (psychological) 2
Behavioural regulation Capability (psychological) -
  1. aCOM-B: C is capability, O is opportunity, M is motivation, and B is behaviour