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Table 1 Description of the 12 Unplugged lessons by title, activities, and goals, Brazil, 2013

From: Process evaluation of the implementation of the Unplugged Program for drug use prevention in Brazilian schools

Lesson Title Activities Goals
1 Opening Unplugged Program Presentation, group work, contract management Introduction to the program, setting of rules for the lessons, reflecting on knowledge on drugs
2 Where do I fit in? Situation play, game discussion Clarification of group influences and group expectations
3 Choices – alcohol, risk, and protection Discussion and work in small groups, collage and drawing Information on the different factors influencing drug use
4 Does what you think reflect reality? Presentation, percentage estimates, group work, plenary discussion Fostering the critical evaluation of information, reflection on differences between own opinion and actual data, correction of norms
5 What we know and what we don’t know about cigarettes Test, plenary discussion, court Information on the effects of smoking, differentiation between expected and real effects and short-term vs. long-term effects
6 Express yourself Game, plenary discussion, group work Adequate communication of emotions, distinguishing between verbal and nonverbal communication
7 Position yourself in the world and in your life Plenary discussion, group work, role play Fostering assertiveness and respect for others
8 New in the area! Role play, game, plenary discussion Recognition and appreciation of positive qualities, acceptance of positive feedback, practicing and reflecting on getting into contact with others
9 Drugs – Get informed Group work, quiz Information on the positive and negative effects of drug use
10 Coping strategies Presentation, plenary discussion, group work Expression of negative feelings, coping with challenges
11 Problem solving and decision making Presentation, plenary discussion, group work, homework Structured problem solving, fostering creative thinking and self-control
12 Goal setting Game, group work, plenary discussion Distinguishing between long-term and short-term objectives, feedback on the program and the process during the program
  1. Source: Adapted from the Teacher's Handbook (