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Table 5 Final SAATSA scales and items

From: Development and psychometric validation of a novel patient survey to assess perceived quality of substance abuse treatment in South Africa

SAATSA scales Scale items
Quality domain
Access Item 1. The amount of time I had to wait to get services was acceptable to me.
Item 3. The location of this treatment centre is convenient for me.
Item 4. I feel safe travelling to this treatment centre.
Item 5. It is easy for me to obtain the treatments offered by this centre.
Item 7. I can afford the transport costs of getting to this treatment centre
Quality Item 8. The staff at this treatment centre treat me with respect.
Item 9. The people I went to for treatment services spent enough time with me.
Item 10. I have a say in deciding about substance abuse treatment I am receiving here.
Item 11. The staff told me about services that will help me stay off drugs and alcohol.
Item 13. The staff at this treatment centre are sensitive to my background.
Item 30. I would recommend this treatment centre to a friend.
Effectiveness domain
Quality of life Item 14. My general health is improving.
Item 15. I am better able to cope when things go wrong.
Item 16. I am better able to accomplish the things I want to do.
Item 19. I am more likely to practice safe sex.
Social connectedness Item 20. There is someone who cares about whether I am doing better.
Item 21. I have someone who will help me when I have a problem.
Item 22. I have people in my life who are a positive influence.
Item 23. The people who care about me are supportive of my treatment.
Item 24. My friends and family are able to count on me more
Item 26. I have someone who will listen to me when I need to talk.
Substance abuse Item 17. I am less likely to use alcohol or other drugs.
Item 27. I now know that using alcohol and drugs is a problem for me.
Item 28. I need to work on my problems with alcohol and/or drugs.
Item 29. The treatment centre is helping me to recover from using drugs and alcohol.
HIV Item 33. I am more likely to use condoms when I have sex
Item 34. I am less likely to use alcohol and drugs before I have sex
Item 36. I am more likely to only have sex with one partner
Item 37. I am more likely to use condoms properly
Item 38. I know it is important to know my HIV status
Item 39. I know where I can get tested for HIV
Item 40. I know where I can get treatment for HIV