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Table 1 Summary of domains, indicators and methods of measurement for each indicator

From: Development and psychometric validation of a novel patient survey to assess perceived quality of substance abuse treatment in South Africa

Domain Indicator Mode of measurement
Patient Survey Treatment records Administrative data from services
Effectiveness Decreased substance use  
Increased/retained employment or return to/stay in school    
Increased retention in treatment  
Reduced sexual (HIV) risk behaviour  
Improved quality of life   
Improved social connectedness   
Efficiency Length of delay in obtaining treatment  
Percentage of available treatment slots used   
Person-centered services Proper assessment of client occurs (e.g., screening/assessment for mental illness and HIV/AIDS)   
Client participation in the development and execution of the treatment plan  
Treatment is personalised to fit individual client’s needs   
Client received programme with linguistically and culturally appropriate content   
Access Length of time from request for services to first service  
Equity- access to services is equitable for different age, race, and gender groups  
Access to HIV testing and counselling and HIV risk reduction services  
Quality Clients’ are engaged with the treatment programme   
  Clients’ perceptions of services received are positive