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Table 1 The 39 explored laws on CCC of substance misusers of 28 European countries with categorization of type (criminal law [C], mental health [M]or social [S]) and main intention (acute or rehabilitative)

From: European laws on compulsory commitment to care of persons suffering from substance use disorders or misuse problems– a comparative review from a human and civil rights perspective

Country Law name Type Main intention
Azerbaijan Criminal Code & Presidential Decree 1997 On org. of comp. treatm. for chronic alc. & drug addicts C rehab
Governmental. decree (UKAT) n 21, 59 200; n 21 200; n 25 2007 C rehab
Croatia Penal Code 1997 and Law on combat. narcotic drugs abuse (OG 107/01, 87/02, 163/03) C rehab
Cyprus Care and treatment of Drug Addicts Law of 1992 C rehab
Czech Rep Criminal Code Act 141/1961 C rehab
Denmark Law on detent. of drug-depend. pers. n. 190 2007, amend. by 1584 2006; § 2 law n. 542 6. 2007 S rehab
Estonia Mental Health Act, 1997a M acute
Finland Mental Health Law 1990 M acute
Law on alcohol and drug dependence 1986 S acute
France Public Health Law. Art L 628-3, 70-1320. 1970 abrog. by Ord. 548 2000 C rehab
Art. L 3413-1 to 4, 3423-1 & 3423-2 by Public Health law. mod. by L. 297 2007 C rehab
Germany Penal Code Sec 64 of 1975 C rehab
Greece Law no 3459/2006 C rehab
Hungary Act CLIV of 1997 on Health Care Sec 200 M rehab
Criminal Code of 1978 section 75 Forced cure of alcoholicsa C acute
Ireland Mental Health Act 2001 M acute
Lithuania Law on Mental Health Superv. (Zn. 1995 Nr 53–1290) M acute
Civil code (Zin. 2000 Nr 74–2262) M acute
Macedonia Law on compulsory treatment and Law on family affairs 17.06.2004 Cb rehab
Moldova Law on social rehab. of pat. with chronic alc, drug addiction and dep. on non narc. psyc. subs. 1991 S rehab
Code of legal/judicial proc. 122-XV of 2003 C rehab
Montenegro Law on protection and exercise of the rights of mentally ill of 2006 M rehab
Netherlands Dutch Act on special admission to psychiatric hospital. 1992 M rehab
Norway Act 62 of 1999 on mental health care M acute
Act 81 of 1991 relating to Social services S rehab
Poland Act of 2005 on counteracting drug addictiona C rehab
Romania Law 143 of 2000 on combating illicit drugs trafficking and consumption. Chap 4 art 27-28 C rehab
Russian Federation Law on psychiatric service and the guarantees for the citizens. 1992 M acute
Criminal Code 1996 on compulsory measures of medical nature C rehab
Serbia Crim. Code, VI chapter Security measures 78–80, 83, 84a C rehab
Slovakia Penal Code Law n. 300/2005 C rehab
Slovenia Penal Code: 65, 66; Penal sent: 59; 148–152; 154–157; 164; 169; 171–172; 176; 181; 199; 252; 255a C rehab
Spain Organic Law 10/95 Criminal Code art n 102–105, Law 1/2000 on Civil Trial C rehab
Sweden Act 1991:1128 Law on compulsory psychiatric treatment M acute
Act 1988:870 Law on care of misusers in certain cases S rehab
Penal Code 1982/2001: 457 Chapter 31 § 2 C rehab
Act 1976:511 on detention of intoxicated personsa S acute
Turkey Penal Code 5237 art 57/7 and 191/2-7 C rehab
United Kingdom Mental Health Act 1983 M acute
  1. aExcluded from analysis on legal rights
  2. bAlthough the Macedonian law concerns family affairs, it is about offenders and works in conjunction with criminal law