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Table 3 Electronic databases searched for scoping study

From: A scoping study of cultural interventions to treat addictions in Indigenous populations: methods, strategies and insights from a Two-Eyed Seeing approach

Scientific Literature

Grey Literature

•EBM Reviews (including The Cochrane Library)

•Google 1, Google 2, Google Scholar

•North American Indian Thought and Culture Database

•Global health library

•ARTIS (Arctic Science and Technical Information System)


•Arctic Health

•First Nations Behavioral Health Associations

•One Sky Centre



•Bibliography of Native North Americans


•Social Work Abstracts

•US Indian Health Service

•American Society of Addictive Medicine

•National Indian Health Board

•Women’s Studies International

•Native Health

•CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

•Anthropology Plus

•Anthropological Literature

•Anthropological Index

•CAB direct