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Table 2 Key guiding principles for the HOS-CasI project research process

From: A scoping study of cultural interventions to treat addictions in Indigenous populations: methods, strategies and insights from a Two-Eyed Seeing approach

1. We are all in it together.
2. Each person brings a part of the whole.
3. Best use of talent and time – visibly and behind the scenes.
4. Something for everyone.
5. Using research to communicate and promote self-determination in the design and delivery of addictions and mental health by and for First Nations Peoples.
6 Holistic research – being open to unexpected outcomes.
7 Maintain momentum – keeping relationships over time.
8 Effective (multi-faceted) communication.
9 Make the best use of the research.
10 For the betterment of clients, we need to give the best of the best.