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Table 2 Descriptive statistics for the independent metric variables measuring personal characteristics

From: Evaluating the drivers of and obstacles to the willingness to use cognitive enhancement drugs: the influence of drug characteristics, social environment, and personal characteristics

Variable Response options Min Max Mean Standard deviation
  Left anchor Right anchor     
Risk attitudes Not at all willing to take risks Very much willing to take risks 1 11 5.47 2.283
Academic procrastination Very seldom Very often 1 6 2.77 0.978
Study motivation Do not agree at all I agree completely 1 6 4.68 1.074
Cognitive test anxiety (CTA) Not true at all Completely true 1 4 3.07 0.718
Competencies Very difficult Very easy 1 5 3.27 0.585
Internalized social norms Absolutely moral Absolutely not moral 1 7 5.58 1.714