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Table 3 List and type of standardized surveys

From: Cultural interventions to treat addictions in Indigenous populations: findings from a scoping study

Survey [study where used] What it measures Administration: self-report = SR; caregiver = CG
Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale-32 (Basis-32) [55]. Relationship to self and others, depression and anxiety, daily living skills, impulsive and addictive behaviors, and psychosis. SR
Global Assessment of Individual Needs – Quick GAIN-Q [48]. Four major scales – General Life Problem Index (GLPI), Internal Behavior Scale (IBS), External Behavior Scale (EBS), and Substance Problem Scale (SPS). SR
The Cherokee Self-Reliance Questionnaire [48]. Presence of Cherokee self-reliance. SR
The Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) tool [51, 53]. Demographics; drug and alcohol use; family and living conditions; education, employment, and income; crime and criminal justice; mental and physical health problems; treatment/recovery; and social connectedness. SR
Child Behavioral Checklist (CBCL) Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale [51]. Behavioral and emotional problems in children. CG
Caregiver Strain Questionnaire (CGSQ) [51]. Strain such as feelings of anger and resentment about the child, disruption of family and community life, and caregiver feelings of worry, quilt, and fatigue. CG
Columbia Impairment Scale (CIS) [51]. Global impairment for youth. CG
Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale (BERS-2 Caregiver) [51]. Interpersonal, intrapersonal, family, affective, school, and career strengths. CG
Quality of Life (QOL) Survey [50]. Gender, ethnicity, education, presence of an AIDS diagnosis, and quality of life. SR
Form 90-DI: A Structured Assessment Interview for Drinking and Related Behaviors [42]. Alcohol consumption and other related problems. SR
The American Indian Cultural Involvement Index (AICI) [42]. Composite score based on two measures: 1) a child ethnic identity score and 2) count of traditional values practiced or believed. SR
Alcohol severity ratings on the Alcohol Dependence Scale (ADS) Problems Related to Drinking Scale [56]. Alcohol dependence syndrome. SR
The extent of problems related to drinking as measured by the Problems Related to Drinking Scale (PRD) [56]. Alcohol-related problems. SR
The drug severity ratings on the Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) [56]. Severity of problems associated with drug use. SR