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Table 1 Lesson content of the Climate Schools: Psychostimulant and Cannabis Module

From: A universal harm-minimisation approach to preventing psychostimulant and cannabis use in adolescents: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Lesson Content
1 Cannabis: What is it?
Short-term effects of cannabis
Reasons people use cannabis
Cannabis and the law
Risk and protective factors for drug use
Conservative norms: prevalence of cannabis use
Mental health and cannabis
2 Critical analysis of drug-related internet and media resources
Classifying drugs: hallucinogens, stimulants and depressants
Psychostimulants: What are they?
Common names and properties of psychostimulant drugs
Short-term effects of psychostimulants
Conservative norms: Prevalence of psychostimulant use
The multifaceted nature of the effects of drug use on people’s lives
3 Definitions, examples and effects of poly-drug use
Classifying drugs
The indirect negative consequences of drug use
Problem solving and decision making skills in relation to drugs
Identifying drug related risk and minimising drug related harms
4 Communication skills
Avenues for seeking help and barriers to accessing services
What to do in a drug related emergency
Calling 000, the emergency number
Identifying communication styles, including assertiveness
5 Long-term effects of drugs
Drug withdrawal
Harm-minimisation strategies
Learning about resilience
Attitudes to drug use
Prevalence of psychostimulants and cannabis use
CPR and first aid
6 Drugs and driving
Drugs and the law
Problem solving skills
Legalisation, decriminalisation and criminalization of drugs – the debate
The effects of drugs on life’s journey
The effects of drugs on others