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Table 4 Factors associated with frequency and quantity of one year after release from jail, N = 397

From: Factors associated with smoking among adolescent males prior to incarceration and after release from jail: a longitudinal study

Unstandardized regression coefficients (betas in parentheses)
  Days smoked in past 90 days Number of cigarettes smoked each day
Foster care history prior to incarceration 13.43* 3.68*
(0.14) (0.14)
Arrests prior to index incarceration 0.67 0.31*
(0.09) (0.15)
Went back to jail after index incarceration 3.11 −0.11
  (0.04) (−0.01)
  1. *p ≤ 0.01, for t-test statistic in linear regression.
  2. All models were adjusted for participants’ age, Latino race/ethnicity, number of days participants were incarcerated between interviews, and whether or not they received the REAL MEN intervention.
  3. Non-smokers were coded as 0 for both measures of frequency and quantity of smoking.